about Tropic

TROPIC, AS SOUTH FLORIDA’S FRESHEST magazine, is once again creating a “pride of place” for residents. With each issue we explore both the incredibly rich architectural and design history of Fort Lauderdale’s great neighborhoods, while discovering the best of what is being created today. Articles focus on architec­ture, renovation, interior design, architectural history, food and more. Created by a staff who know this area inside out, TROPIC has, over its ten year history developed into the most dog-eared, talked about and argued over magazine on architecture, design and city living. TROPIC is the real voice of today’s South Florida.

TROPIC includes the work of gifted writers including John O’Connor, Jillian Whitaker, Margaret Schugart and Hilary Lewis. O’Connor worked for years under Andy Warhol on Interview magazine and was art director at the Harvard Business Review for nine years before founding HOME Miami and HOME Fort Lauderdale magazines in Florida. He has been in charge of editorial content at TROPIC ever since.

Our visual contributors include award winning photographers Steven Brooke, Michael Murphy and Myro Rosky, as well as illustrators Rollin McGrail and David Croland. Beyond the work of authors like O’Connor and Lewis on design, TROPIC is proud to publish the work of Peggy Sijswerda on travel destinations around the globe, Margaret Shugart on fine wines and Donna Fields on the world of fine art. The magazine’s frequent interviews with architects and designers allow great talents like Santiago Calatrava, Enrique Norten, and Bjarke Ingels to speak for themselves.

The graphic look of the magazine is smart but slightly offbeat, mirroring the spirit of the publication itself. From the matte finish paper to the crisp typography, TROPIC is in a category all by itself -there is nothing else like it… We planned it just that way.